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Financials of RNIT Solutions & Services Unlisted Shares are updated for 2022

RNIT AI-Powered Facial Recognition: A Game Changer for GHMC πŸ€–

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is making waves with its innovative use of Facial Recognition Systems (FRS)!  This technology has brought about some impressive results:

πŸ“ˆ  Savings:
Annual expenditure on the RNIT FRS system has dropped from β‚Ή1.93 crore to β‚Ή67 lakh! πŸ’Έ 
Overall wage expenditure has decreased from β‚Ή33.5 crore to β‚Ή31 crore, thanks to the elimination of fake attendance! πŸ’°

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό  Improved Efficiency:
RNIT  FRS has made tracking the actual number of workers on the field easier, leading to more efficient staff deployment. πŸ—ΊοΈ 
Accurate attendance records allow for better resource allocation and planning. πŸ“Š

🀝  Transparency & Accountability:
RNIT FRS has eliminated the loopholes in the previous attendance system, ensuring transparency and accountability. πŸ” 
The system has helped to identify and weed out fraudulent practices, promoting a fair and honest work environment.  πŸ€

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Expected Valuation of Spray Engineerring
The Estimated revenue of FY24 is INR 600 Cr+ and PAT of INR 50+ Cr. 

Total Share Outstanding after recent Pre-IPO round = ~2.5 Cr

Current Market Price in Unlisted = INR 550 per share

Mcap = 550*2.5 = ~INR 1400 Cr

P/E = 27x ( based on FY24 expected PAT of 50 Cr )

Spray Engineering Devices Ltd - Pre-IPO Round

- Innovative Ventures : Pioneering the establishment of the first boiler-less ethanol plant in India, showcasing commitment to cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

- Business Verticals : Distinguished player in providing  energy efficient solutions to Sugar, Bio-Refinery, Distillery, Jaggery, Biofuel, Water, and Bio-Based Green Chemicals sectors.

- Global Presence : Executed 80+ international sugar projects in 40+ countries, demonstrating global competence.

- Domestic Footprint : Completed *450+* sugar projects domestically which includes (Dalmia, Bajaj, Triveni, Birla, DCM Shriram etc) and *200+* water projects for diverse industries including Tata Chemicals, CIPLA, Dr. Reddy's, Hero Cycles etc.

- Financial Strength : Revenue CAGR of 51.55% (*216cr/400cr/613cr*) &  CAGR of *92.11%* (15 cr/33cr/63cr)  in Profit after Tax(PAT) from past 3 years for FY22, Fy23 and FY24. 

- Intellectual Property : Boasts 42+ innovation patents, *56+* design patents, *15* trademarks, and 16+ copyrights, showcasing innovation and brand strength.

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Financials of Spray Engineering Devices Unlisted Shares are updated for 2021

Private Placement of ~25 Lac Shares at INR 287/Share

3 weeks ago

Financials of Spray Engineering Devices Unlisted Shares are updated for 2022

3 weeks ago

Financials of Spray Engineering Devices Unlisted Shares are updated for 2023

Financials of Care Health (Previously Religare Health) Insurance Company Limited Unlisted Shares are updated for 2021