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Mohan Meakin, Old-Monk maker, releases Q1FY21 numbers

Mohan Meakin, the company famous for its Old Monk brand releases the Q1FY21 earnings. The liquor segment is the most hit during the lockdown and the same is reflected in the reported earnings. As per the management commentary, the company had shut-down its plant on March-25 owing to nation-wide lockdown imposed by Government of India. The same became partially operational from the month of May-2020. The actual sales started to come from the month of June-2020 only. This means first two months are almost washed out for the April-June quarter.

Mohan Meakin Products Basket
A) Alcoholic- It includes Premium Rums, Whiskies, Brandy, Vodka, Beer and Gin.
B) Non-Alcoholic- It includes Juice, Vinegar, and Breakfast Foods etc.

Results Analysis of Q1FY21
1. Mohan Meakin has clocked the revenue of Rs. 105 Crores in the Q1FY21 as compared to Rs. 210 Crores last year same period. The revenue is down by ~50%.
2. The EBITDA margin has also gone down to 3.27% in the Q1FY21 as compared to 4.53% last year same period.
3. The PAT has reported at 1.21 Crores as compared to 5.21 Crores same period last year.
4. The company has not raised any equity in this quarter and same stands at 4.2542 Crores.
5. The EPS for the Q1FY21 stands at 1.57 as compared to 6.13 last year same period.

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