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In 2021-22, Old Monk Maker Mohan Meakin’s PAT went up by 27%.

Mohan Meakin Limited has announced its annual results. As per annual results for the financial year ending in FY22, the total revenue of the company increased by 25% to Rs. 1379 crore from Rs. 1101 crore in the previous year.

The total expenses have increased 25% to Rs. 1310 crore as against Rs. 1050 crore in F21. The PBT of the company increased 27% to 69 crore as against Rs. 54 crore in the previous year. PAT has increased 27% to Rs. 51 crore as against Rs. 40 crore in the previous year.

The company witnessed astounding growth in net cash in FY22. For the financial year ended in FY22, net cash generated from operations increased 62% to Rs. 47 crore as against Rs. 29 crore in the previous year.

The Company endeavors to pay dividend keeping in view the Company’s policy of meeting long term growth objectives from internal cash accruals and the planned further investment for growth apart from other parameters. The company therefore decided that this matter may be put on hold for the time being and will be taken up later on.

Headquartered in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Mohan Meakin Limited is a public limited company. It was formerly known as E. Dyer & Co. It was established in 1855. It is listed on the Calcutta Stock Exchange. The company is involved in the manufacturing of all types of beer and IMFS brands, including premium brands like brandy, whiskey, vodka, rum, and GIN. Besides the main products of beer and IMGS, the company manufactures corn flakes, juices, wheat porridge, vinegars, and canned products.

The company has introduced a premium brand of single malt whiskey known as The Solan Gold Indian Single Malt Whisky in H.P., which is being introduced in other states of the country. The company is in the process of increasing its production not only for H.P. and Chandigarh but also for other states and exporting to other countries.

The Company’s products like Old Monk Rum, Very Old Vatted XXX Rum, Old Monk White Rum, Old Monk Legend Rum, Old Monk Deluxe Very Old Vatted XXX Rum, Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk Apple Rum, Old Monk Orange Rum, Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum, The Solan Gold Indian Single Malt Whisky, Old Monk 10000 Super Strong Beer, and Old Monk the Original Premium Beer 650 ML Bottles Cans are exported to 16 countries, i.e., the U.A.E., Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, UK, Australia, Estonia, USA, Ukraine, Zambia, Oman, Japan. The company is also exploring the opportunities to further increase its exports to other countries as its products are very popular in overseas markets.

The company has been a pioneer in the industry and has made astounding progress, establishing breweries and distilleries in different parts of the country, and has earned a respected name by delivering an array of highly successful products.

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