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How do you find the share price of an unlisted company?

To check the price of listed stocks, we have the options of NSE (National Stock Exchange) and Bombay Stock Exchange to fetch the latest prices on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to unlisted shares the tracking sometimes becomes difficult. The investors who are investing in the unlisted shares don’t have the facility to check the share price or to keep track of the price of the unlisted companies on a daily basis. It is very difficult for the investors to track the price as the unlisted shares are always shown at face value in the depository’s application (NSDL or CDSL) or in stock broker’s application.

So, what is the solution? How can someone check the daily movement in the prices?

The answer is a platform like UnlistedZone.

UnlistedZone displays the current market price of an unlisted stock on their websites for all the unlisted stocks available for investment. In case the price is not available at the website same can be obtained from UnlistedZone by simply dropping an email. UnlistedZone is also in the process to develop an application where investors can get, the latest prices on a daily basis, the value of the portfolio, etc on the website itself. A separate login option will be given to each and every investor to check the same.

Why tracking of Price is important?

  • As we say, price always adds a spice in the investment. So if we have a system or application to check the price movement and its overall impact on the portfolio of the unlisted companies on a daily basis then it can prove to be beneficial for the investor to make a judgment on entry and exit from the unlisted stock.
  • Generally, due to low liquidity in the unlisted market, the volatility in the price is usually less than its other counterpart i.e. listed space. The movement in the price of an unlisted company happens whenever it announces Qtr. or Annual Results, any investment by PE/VC funds, or any acquisition that can prove to be beneficial for the business perspective in the long run. So we can say, apart from liquidity factor, the movement in the unlisted share or company happens in a similar fashion as that of listed space.
  • Knowing the price of unlisted shares helps investors to check the ROI (Return on Investment) they have generated over the period of time. Knowing ROI from unlisted shares give investors the option to compare their portfolio performance in listed and unlisted space. After that, the investors can take wise decisions as to where the maximum returns are generated and accordingly, the specific allocation in the portfolio can be done.

Some of the best shares available at the platform along with prices are mentioned below.

  1. HDB Financial Unlisted Share Price = 780 per share
  2. Paytm Price Unlisted Share Price = 11000 per share
  3. Hero-Fin Corp Unlisted Share Price = 850 per share
  4. Nazara Tech Unlisted Share Price = 540 per share
  5. Studds Accessories Unlisted Share Price = 750 per share
  6. Barbeque Nation Unlisted Share Price = 785 per share.
  7. Reliance Retail Unlisted Share Price = 1200 per share
  8. Indofil Industries Unlisted Share Price = 750 per share
  9. MSEI Unlisted Share Price = 1.25 per share
  10. CSK Unlisted Share Price = 35 per share.

Latest Price movement in Unlisted Shares
To check the daily price movement in unlisted shares, the annual results updates, news updates in the unlisted market, and all the happenings in the unlisted market, the investors can visit and bookmark

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