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Good News for MSEI Shareholder- 03.03.2020

  • Yogesh Borade
    6:50 AM, 8 April 2020

    Pls tell me metropolitan targate price?

    • Market Wizard
      7:11 AM, 8 April 2020


      We don’t give targets. If the company performs well, the share price will go up. In 2018-19, they perform well as compared to last year. Needs to check the performance in 2019-20 again.

  • Market Wizard
    2:52 PM, 3 March 2020

    1. After the introduction of interoperability, now the investors can settle their trades at any exchange, be it NSE or BSE.

    2. The turnover of MSEI exchange is on the continuous rise which is a good sign for any business.

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