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Excellent results shown by Capital Small Finance Bank in first half of 2021

Capital Small Finance Bank has come up with an excellent 6M results for FY21 amid business problem faced by many in the economy due to COVID-19.

A) Results Update

Particulars (Crores) Half Year Ended 30.09.2020 Half Year Ended 30.09.2019
 Intest/disc. on advances/ bills 183.00 153.00
Income on investments 41.00 35.00
 Interest on balances with Reserve Bank of India and other inter-bank funds 24.00 25.00
Other Income 18.00 21.00
Total Income 266.00 234.00
Interest Cost 154.00 135.00
Operating Expenses 82.00 76.00
Other Expense 40.00 37.00
Total Expenditure 237.00 211.00
Net-Profit 15.00 12.00
Equity Shares 3.39 3.01
Reserves 389.00 272.00
Book Value 115.63 91.36
    1. The Capital Small Finance Bank has shown 13% increase in its revenue in the first 6M of FY21 as compared to last year in the same period.
    2.  Capital Small Finance Bank has clocked the PAT of 15 Crores in the first 6M of FY21 as compared to 12 Crores last year.
    3. Capital Small Finance Bank has book value of 115 as on 30.09.2020.

B) Analytical Ratios

Particulars (Crores) 30.09.2020 30.09.2019
Analytical Ratios
Capital Adequacy Ratio 19.16% 17.57%
EPS 4.49 4.43
Gross NPA 56.00 55.00
Net. NPA 35.00 40.00
% Gross NPA 1.65% 1.85%
% of Net NPAs 1.02% 1.35%
 Return on Assets (Annualized) 0.55% 0.57%
Books Size (Cr)
Deposits 4,799.00 4,106.00
Advances 3,438.00 3,041.00
Branch Network
Rural 64 63
Semi Urban 47 46
Urban 30 29
Metro Politan 11 12
Total 152 150
  1. Capital Small Finance has loan book of 3438 Crores as on 30.09.2020 up by 400 Crores as compared to last year same period.
  2. Gross NPA and Net NPA has gone down in the first 6M of FY21. which is positive sign.
  3. They have opened two new branches in the last 6 months.


Currently, it is available in the market at Rs. 260 per share. So, on that unlisted price with Book Value of 115, the P/B at which share available is 2.26x (which is quite reasonable).

Brief about Capital Small Finance Bank

Capital Small Finance Bank Limited is India’s 1st Small Finance Bank, started operations on April 24, 2016. It was called ” Capital Local Area Bank”, the largest Local Area Bank in the country, before conversion to ‘Small Finance Bank’ has been into operations for the last 16 years with excellent performance in all spheres. The Bank pioneered in bringing modern banking facilities to the rural areas at a low cost. From day one 7-Day Branch Banking was introduced with extended banking hours. The focus to serve the common man and the local touch advantages has given the Bank a competitive edge over other banks operating in the region. Within a short period, most of the Branches become market leaders of their respective centers. The Bank is providing a safe, efficient, and service-oriented repository of savings to the local community while reducing their dependence on moneylenders by making need-based credit easily available.

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