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Equity Shares issued by Hero-Fin Corp to Investors in Last 4 years – 10.09.2019

Below is the history of the right issues, and private placements are done in the last few years in Hero-Fin Corp unlisted share.


The company has issued 3,39,37,500 equity shares @ 120 each on right issue.

Book Value = 120.

So this deal happened at P/B multiple of 1x.


During the year, the Company has issued 1,34,92,216 equity shares @ Rs. 520.30 each on preferential allotment to Otter Limited and Credit Suisse ( Singapore) Limited.

Book Value = 121.

So this deal happened at P/B multiple of 2.42x.


During the year under review, the Company grants 11,29,805 options at an exercise price of INR 495 per share to the certain employees of the Company under ESOP 2017.

During the year, 5,765,905 (previous year Nil) equity shares of INR 10 each issued and allotted as fully paid up at an exercise price of INR 520.30 (including a premium of INR 510.30) per equity share on the conversion of 5,765,905 share warrants to specific promoters.


Issued 1,57,51,300 equity shares of the face value of INR 10/- each for a cash price of INR 750 per equity share including a premium of INR 740 per equity share (INR 375 per share payable as application money and INR 375 per share payable on first and final call) totalling to an aggregate amount of INR 1,181.34 crore in the ratio of 4:25 i.e. 4(four) partly paid equity share(s) for every 25(twenty five) fully paid equity share(s) held by the existing equity shareholders as on the record date i.e. on June 26, 2018. The said issue opened for subscription by shareholders on July 16, 2018, and closed on August 14, 2018. The shares were allotted to the shareholders on August 23, 2018.

Note Very Important

However, the Holding Company has received final call money for all equity shares except for 98,739 equity shares against which Rs. 375 per share is outstanding.

Consequent to the above, the paid-up equity share capital of your Company as on March 31, 2019, stood at INR 114.15 crore comprising of 11,40,98,182 equity shares of the face value of INR 10 each and 98,739 partly paid equity shares, of the face value of INR 10 each with paid-up value of INR 5 each

Book Value = 228

So this right issue happened at P/B multiple of 3.24x

Current Market Value of Share( FY19-20)

Currently, the share is available at Rs. 850 per share in the unlisted market. The P/B multiple stands at 2.64x this indicates that share is available at an attractive valuation.

If anyone is interested in buying shares of Hero-Fin Corp may contact Mr. Dinesh Gupta at 08010009625 or mail at

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