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a) Consolidated Revenue (CIAL and its Subsidiaries) = 807 Cr

The revenue is up by 15% as compared to last year despite Airport remains closed in August for 15 days during Kerala Floods.

b) Consolidated Profit( CIAL and its subsidiaries) = 184 Cr

The Profit is up by 7% as compared to last year.

c) The Profit Margins stands at 22.8% which was 24.5% last year. So there is a decline of 1.7% YoY basis.

d) The company has given a 27% dividend this year which translates into Rs. 2.7 per share. The Dividend yield at CMP of 225 stands at 1.2%.

e) The CIAL is the fourth largest airport in terms of International Traffic and it is India’s first fully powered solar airport.


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