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Top 10 Unlisted Shares Price List For 2022

With a sharp correction in the broader markets, the attraction of unlisted space has increased as investors are seeking more value and safety margins in the pre-IPO space. However, investors must understand that an unlisted share market is a big no for short-term investors and low-risk bearers. If you still want some cherry-picks from this space, UnlistedZone is helping you with some of the top 10 Unlisted Shares price lists for 2022 you should look at :

1. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Unlisted Shares

Despite the multi-bagger run-up in the last 2-to 3 years, CSK still has ample steam left in it. With the bidding of two new teams rallying Rs 7,000 crore, CSK being an established and profit minting entity was rerated. The next big trigger for the franchise will be the auctions of broadcasting rights, along with digital streaming. However, the expenses remain elevated till IPL is hosted outside India or behind the doors.
Current price: Rs 198-200 per share

2. Elofic Industries Unlisted Shares

If you are willing to bid on electric vehicles or the EV theme, Elofic should be your go-to name. The Delhi-NCR-based company is a leading manufacturer of filters and lubricants. With the rising demand for EVs in the world, there will be high replacement demand for its products as well. The company boasts a super solid client base in India and the world, which is strong enough to boost its topline.
Current price: Rs 3,000 per share

3. Studds Accessories Unlisted Shares

Want to big on the largest player of helmets and safety products across the globe? We have got Studds Accessories for you, which manufactures more than 7 million helmets and other gears in a year, which are exported throughout the globe. The company has received global certification for its products. The company is constantly driving into innovations, adding face shields and bicycle helmets as well to its portfolio, which will be in demand for a long time.
Current price: Rs 1,650 per share

4. HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares

If you are looking for a name with strong parentage, solid balance sheet, and robust financials, you can look at HDB Financials, backed by HDFC group. The company is a leading NBFC player serving both retail and commercial clientage. The company’s credit ratings are top-notch by all acclaimed rating agencies. With a strong network of about 1,500 branches in more than 1,000 locations, the company is a pan India play.
Current price: Rs 950 per share

5. Martin and Harris Unlisted Shares

The rising cost of branded medicines gave birth to their generic version, and Gurgaon-based Martin & Harris is a leading player in the segment. With a strong legacy in the pharma segment, the company obtains half its revenue from investment and derivative business. Thus, the company’s downside is capped if there is turbulence in one business. It is a good play for the pharma and financial sector.
Current price: Rs 2,950 per share

6. Capital Small Finance Bank (SFB) Unlisted Shares

Amidst the spree of small finance and payment banks, Capital SFB paves its way as an important player in India’s lending sector. With a deep penetration in India’s rural segment, the lender is serving the underserved at a very low cost. Backed by HDFC Life and ICICI Prudential Life, the lender is a big play for long-term wealth creation for the investors.
Current price: Rs 360 per share

7. B9 Beverages (Bira Beer) Unlisted Shares

Backed by some of the global names like Sequoia Sofina and Farhan Akhtar, Bira has marked its presence among the urban millennials, thanks to its unique product line and taste. The brewery maker is crafting into drinkers’ minds, making them go bonkers for it. The 21st-century beer maker is a global brand now, thanks to portfolio mix. A large number of domestic startup players have given cheers and big funding cheques to Bira.
Current price: Rs 950 per share

8. API Holdings (Pharmeasy) Unlisted Shares

IPO-bound startup platform sells medical products with its online brand Pharmeasy. The company is not only restricted to medicines but also provides consultations, tests, and other healthcare products. The company serves every habitable area in the nation which has a postal zip code. It is the largest pharma e-tailer in the nations, which will make its debut on the bourses soon.
Current price: Rs 108-100 per share

9. Care Health Unlisted Shares

The company is a leading name in the standalone health insurance sector, which serves individuals, corporates, and institutional customers. The company’s product range includes health insurance, critical illness, personal accident, top-up coverage, and maternity. It is a strongly recommended play to accumulate on dips as the pandemic has emphasized the need for health insurance for all. Also, the rising bills of private hospitals are worrisome for the people at large.
Current price: Rs 215 per share

10. Cochin International Airport Unlisted Shares

It is a decent buy for the investors who are aiming to buy a public-private partnership focused on the travel theme. Cochin hosts the third-highest number of international flights in India, after Delhi and Mumbai. It is fully powered by solar energy. Backed by superb management, investors can simply buy it for a strong linear performance, once the pandemic is over and normalcy is restored.
Current price: Rs 210 per share


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