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Tata Technologies and Karnataka Govt Sign up 10 year agreement to impart skills to youth

The state Government of Karnataka has signed an agreement with Tata Technologies, a flagship company of Tata Group, to upgrade the infrastructure of 150 ITIs( Industrial Training Institute) with the latest technology. The overall cost of project is 4636 Crores. The agreement has been signed in the presence of Karnataka’s Chief minister BS Yediyurappa. As per project, Tata Technologies will train 1 lakh youth every year for the next 10 years.

This is the excellent step taken by the Karnataka Government to educate youth with latest technologies, so that they can get the skills which are required to get jobs in this present world.

Who will bear the project cost?
In this agreement, Tata Technologies will provide Rs 4,080 crore and rest money i.e. 556 Crores will be provided by State government. Three hundred trainers from Tata Technologies and associate industries will impart training in these 150 ITIs.

At present in the Karnataka we have total 1,713 ITIs out of which 270 are run by government, 196 aided and 1,247 private – where around 1.8 lakh students are enrolled. Of the 270 state-run ITIs, 150 have their own building. And Tata Technologies along with other players will train these 150 ITIs.

Sector to focus on?

The agreement will focus on electric vehicles, agricultural machinery, aerospace/defence, horticulture, smart cities and other sectors. And these are the trending sectors where lot of employment will be generated in the future.

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