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In the recently conducted annual general meeting of Tata Motors, N Chandrasekaran has made an ambitious plan to make Tata Motors a debt-free company by 2023. As of 31.03.2020, the total debt on Tata Motors is ~1.25 Lakh Crores. Now to make company debt-free solely by generating revenue is not possible given the kind of situation we are in terms of economy. So, the exercise to make it debt-free would be a mix of stake sale, cut cost, and grow revenue.

In the AGM, it was announced by Tata Motors that they will sell non-core businesses such as Tata Technology and Tata Hitachi Construction Machine to get funds for the Tata Motors’ deleverage program.

Tata Motors is aggressively talking to the investors to sell the software business and Hitachi joint venture business.

As on 31.03.2020, Tata Motors holds a 72.48% stake in Tata Technology. The current valuation of Tata Technology in the unlisted market is around 5700 Crores. In the year 2019-20, Tata Technology has clocked the revenue of 2900 Crores, with a Profit of 312 Crores.

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