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Studds launches Dr. Shield Face Mask to prevent Covid-19

Dr Shield Face Mask by STUDDS, is FFP (filtering face pieces) mask, also called respiratory face masks, offering FFP2 grade filtration. Face Masks help users in protecting from pollution, dust and infection from all sorts of viruses and microbes.

Studds face masks are made of five layers.

1st layer, made of non-woven fabric provides filtration of coarse dust particles.

2nd layer, made of non-woven fabric providing filtration of particles more than 10 microns.

3rd and 4th layers, made of high-grade melt-blown fabric which provides filtration of PM 2.5 microns and above and 5th Layer, made of non-woven fabric is for fine filtration.

The Face Mask comes with nose clip for perfect sealing and offers optimal pressure for inhaling and exhaling. Our face masks come pre-sanitized and are for one time only.

The cost of mask is Rs.125.

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