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Information related to the financials of the companies in India is required by many entities in the market. This information is needed by the financial analysts to publish the research reports, bankers to gauze the financials status of the company to sanction loans, writers at financial newspapers, the investors to buy or sell a company’s shares and there are many other fields where this information is used.

The data related to business and financials of the listed companies can be obtained from stock exchanges. Every quarter the company needs to file its financial numbers. Every year, the company updates its annual report. So in the nutshell, the data of listed companies can be easily retrieved from NSE or BSE as per the requirement of an individual user. All these data have to be provided compulsory by the companies as it covers under SEBI listing regulations.

Everything looks rosy in the listed market. However, the problem arises for unlisted companies or startups or private limited companies. Some of them even don’t have a proper website. Finding annual reports and financial numbers for such companies is always a cumbersome task for the users. In an unlisted market, lots of good startups are doing business but if someone wants to know how much revenue they are earning, it is hard to get this information anywhere. For example, Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali is the top brand in the FMCG sector in India. However, we don’t know how much revenue or Profit Company is earning because that data is hard to find or get it in the desired format.

So what is the solution? How to get this data?

The financial data of all the unlisted companies in which currently the trade is happening is available on the You can come to our website, search the company here, and get all the information.

However, to get the data of lakhs of other startups, private limited companies, or MSMEs in India which are currently not trading at our website, the task is difficult.

To make this task easy and possible, UnlistedZone is providing a service whereby just paying Rs. 2999, the users can get the following information of the last 3 years of any company registered in India under the Company’s Act 2013.

  1. Financial statements (Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, and Cash Flow statements).
  2. Funding details in the startups., after receiving the required fees will process the request and within 48 hrs provides the above-mentioned documents in the mail itself in the PDF form.

Details required from the users:

  1. Name of the Client
  2. Mobile Number of the Client
  3. Purpose for getting the information
  4. Name of the company whose documents are required.

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