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On 08.10.2020, Paytm has organized a mini App developer conference to announce a big battle against the monopoly of Google. Paytm is trying to create an app store which is similar to Google Play Store. The reason why such need arises is due to the following events;

1. Last month Google removed the Paytm app from its play store due to some policy violation. However, later on, restored the app.
2. Google is preparing to apply a 30% commission on all the digital services provided by the companies through their app on the play store. Though this has been extended to 2022 amid a lot of criticism.
For example- If you are a fitness trainer and do all the businesses online from the app developed on Google’s Play store then you need to give 30% of your income to Google. This is insane.

This incident of charging a 30% commission has made Paytm to act and save this country’s startup ecosystem from the clutches of US giants. We were ruled by Britishers for 200 years in physical form, and if no counter alternative is developed against Google, we will again be ruled by foreigners but this time digitally.

We at UnlistedZone welcome this step of Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO of Paytm for acting so fast to think in the direction of building something which is truly Indian. For this noble cause and help developers to come forward and make their contribution to make this program a successful venture, Paytm has announced Rs. 10 Crores fund for this as well. We from our platform would like to appeal to all the developers to come and make this program a grand success which will have a long-lasting impact on the Indian economy and startup ecosystem.

Check out the video of the mini-app conference, very insightful, and very informative to understand the current situation of the market for startups and what are the challenges Google’s monopoly is creating.

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