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We at UnlistedZone are receiving a lot of queries regarding which share to buy Kurl-On Limited or Kurl-On Enterprise? So to do away with the confusion we are providing the brief of the business of the companies. In our opinion, we should always buy a company which is having the core operation. Kurl-On Limited is only the holding company whereas Kurl-On Enterprise is doing the real business. The price difference between the two is due to the holding discount of 60-70%.

1. Kurl-On Limited ( Holds 85.06% Shares of Kurl-On Enterprise )

Only a holding company. They get revenue from lease income from rented space and dividend income from Kurl-On Enterprise.

2Kurl-On Enterprise ( Holds 100% Shares of Kurl-On Retail )

This is the company which is doing all the manufacturing work of mattresses, pillow, sofa, and furniture. All the manufacturing unit are with this company.

3. Kurl-On Retail

They are doing business of buying, selling, importing, exporting, transporting storing, promoting, marketing supplying, trading and dealing in all type of goods including mattresses, pillow, sofa, and furniture on retail as well as whole sell basis in India or elsewhere

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