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IPO News Flash:

As per an article published in moneycontrol today, the company is coming up with an IPO before March-2020. They already got SEBI approval last year in January. Read the complete article here

About Barbeque Nation

(i) The Barbeque Nation was launched in 2005 by Sayaji Hotels, one of their promoters.

(ii) Barbeque Nation Restaurants is one of India’s leading casual dining restaurant chains having headquarter in Bangalore.

(iii) In the last 10 years, Barbeque Nation Restaurant has steadily grown from a single restaurant in 2007 to 81 Barbeque Nation Restaurants in 42 cities in India and one restaurant in Dubai in 2017.

(iv) The Pioneer of “Live Grills” had made Barbeque Nation a place to visit for food lovers across India. They offer a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers and main courses, a popular dessert menu, a pleasant and casual dining environment, and prompt service.

(v) The APC (excluding taxes and service charges) at the Barbeque Nation Restaurants has grown from ₹617 in Fiscal 2013 to ₹702 in Fiscal 2017.

Investors in the Barbeque Nation

(i) Tamara Private Limited

(ii) Pace Private Limited

(iii) Alchemy India Long Term Fund ( Rakesh Jhunjhunwala )

Private Placement

In F18-19, the company has issued 3.85 lakh shares to FIP( Foreign Portfolio Investors) at Rs. 827 per share.

Source: Annual Report Of Barbeque Nation


Year Revenue EBITDA Finance Cost PAT OPM NPM EPS
2015 3,040.96 474.98 84.44 134.88 16% 4% 5.07
2016 4,030.51 489 97.19 58.87 12% 1% 2.21
2017 5,034.85 668.88 143.99 102.41 13% 2% 3.8
2018 5,094.48 823.94 184.36 148.41 16% 2.9% 5.49
2019 7,425.41 777.31 168.72 -109.66 10.4% NA -3.92


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