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How to Sell Unlisted Shares in India?


Please find the proposal to sell unlisted shares at Unlisted Zone.

1. We will confirm our buying price.

2. We will give you our client master report and you will transfer the shares to our account.

3. We will ask for bank details of you once the shares are received in our demat account.

4. We will transfer the funds in your account within 24 hrs of receiving the shares.

5. Payment will be made in RTGS / NEFT / CHEQUE TRANSFER. No CASH DEPOSIT / IMPS.

6. Payment will be given in the same account which is linked to demat account.

7. Happy investing.

Dinesh Gupta
Partner, 8010009625
UnlistedZone- Best Place to Buy and Sell Unlisted Shares in India

Note: The price at which we are buying the share is fixed for 1 week. If you cant sell your stock within 1 week, then the price of that day will be applicable when we receive shares in our demat.

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