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HDB Financial Services half-yearly Results Update – 16.10.2019

The half-yearly results of HDB Financials Services have been published and the same has been tabulated below.

Particulars(cr) Half-Year ended
Half-year ended
Year Ended
Total Income 5250 4078 8724
Expense 4495 3266 7000
Net-Profit 427 525 1149
Equity 785 782 785
EPS 5.44 6.71 14.64

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  • sujit
    6:54 AM, 5 January 2020

    considering Bajaj Finance current pe of 55 and book value of 323, it is price to book of 13 times. HDB book value is 94 and if we calculate using Bajaj finances price to book it should be valued at 1222. take into consideration Hdfc Bank brand and enterprise value and parenting company benefit, it should be approximately listing at 1500-1700 after listing. pls comment

    • Market Wizard
      12:06 PM, 5 January 2020

      Pricing will depend upon what management is ready to leave on table for investors. The same thing happened in HDFC AMC, it was trading at around 1200-1300 in the unlisted market, but issue price was Rs.1150, however, it gave a listing gain of Rs.600 per share and within a year, return of 3x. The HDB financial will command a rich valuation considering the kind of consolidation going on in the NBFC segment post-IL&FS fiasco. Big will become big and will eat small company shares in the future.

    • Market Wizard
      12:07 PM, 5 January 2020

      Very much possible.

  • sujit
    6:48 AM, 5 January 2020

    when is the ipo coming in 2021? what will be the probable listing comparing Bajaj Finance current price ?

    • Market Wizard
      12:09 PM, 5 January 2020

      The IPO will come this year.

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