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Compulsory BIS-certified helmets for two-wheelers from 28.11.2020

Press Trust of India has informed that the Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highway today announced that the 2-Wheelers will have to compulsory manufacture and use BIS-certified helmets. This will reduce the low-quality helmets sold in India and also help in saving the lives of the rider during accidents.

Following the directions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety, a committee was formulated to consider lighter helmets in India suiting the country’s climatic conditions and that for ensuring compliance among citizens to wear the helmets. The total number of two-wheelers being manufactured in India annually is nearly 1.7 crore.

This is great news especially for unlisted companies like Studds Accessories, as the use of BIS-certified helmets will help the company in gaining more market share from the unorganized players which were selling non-standard helmets.

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