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How to Sell Unlisted Shares in India?


Please find the proposal to sell unlisted shares at Unlisted Zone.

1. We will confirm our buying price.

2. We will give you our client master report and you will transfer the shares to our account.

3. We will ask for bank details of you once the shares are received in our demat account.

4. We will transfer the funds in your account within 24 hrs of receiving the shares.

5. Payment will be made in RTGS / NEFT / CHEQUE TRANSFER. No CASH DEPOSIT / IMPS.

6. Payment will be given in the same account which is linked to demat account.

7. Happy investing.

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How Capital Gain works in the Unlisted Market?

There are two types of Capital Gains that exists in the unlisted market.

1. Long-Term Capital Gain.

If you sell your shares after 2 years, then you will have to pay Long-term Capital gain on unlisted shares.

LTCG is 20%.

2. Short-Term Capital Gain

If you sell your shares within 2 years, then you will have to pay Short-term Capital gain on unlisted shares.

Short-Term Capital Gain is added in your Income. So, as per individual tax slab you need to pay capital gain tax.

How much Capital Gain needs to pay after listing?

As we know, once company is listed on the BSE or NSE, the unlisted or Pre-IPO shares gets locked for one year. So, if you sell after one year on the exchanges, you need to pay 10% LTCG (as LTCG is 10% in the Listed market).

For any other tax clarification, please feel free to mail us


Scapic, Augmented Realty startup, is now a part of Flipkart Group

Scapic, an augmented realty startup in e-commerce, has been acquired by Flipkart Group.  Scapic is a one-stop shop for all the high converting 3D & AR product visuals.

What is Augmented Realty in e-commerce?

We mostly shop online via Amazon, Flipkart etc by seeing the product details which are static in nature. Just imagine if we can able to see the details of all the e-commerce items online almost similar to what we see in brick and mortar shops. Then it would be a great immersive experience for the users and to make this a realty, Scapic, an AR startup, has made a software for the same. The software gives customers a 360° view of the item on the product display page and increase customer engagement and help in increase of sales.


VerSe Innovation is the new Unicorn in the Industry!

VerSe Innovation has recently raised ~730 Crores from AplhaWave, Google and Microsoft and attain a coveted status of Unicorn. Unicorn is the name given to the startups which has reached a valuation of $1Billion dollar.

What is VerSe do?

VerSe is the parent company of Daily Hunt. Dailyhunt, is an Indian content and news aggregator application based in Bangalore, India that provides local language content in 14 Indian languages from multiple content providers. It basically act as an aggregator of news from different news channels across different states.

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